Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free CVS Shampoo or Conditioner

When you scan your Extra Care card at CVS right now, it is printing a coupon for $1 off any CVS brand hair care product. They have bottles of shampoo for 99 cents.

It has printed for me both yesterday and today and I am hoping it continues to print every day for awhile!!!

**I got the Kiwi scent


  1. LUCKY! I scanned mine on Sunday and got useless ones....oh well hopefully I can get some good ones soon!

  2. Try scanning it a second time right after the first coupons print. Thats how I got mine.

    The first coupons were therma care and kotex.

    The second coupons were CVS pain reliever and CVS hair care

  3. they also have hair gel for 99 cents